All Souls Needs You All Year Long!

Become a "DEAD"icated Donor.

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Keep the Procession People-Powered and People-Owned!

In the heat and the monsoon-anticipation of a Tucson summer, All Souls may not be foremost in your mind. But we need your help all year long to be ready for the BIG EVENT in November.

All Souls Procession is people-funded and volunteer-run. It is of-Tucson and by-Tucson. And it needs your help.

Every year, post-Procession fundraising covers the last $25,000 of the Procession's budget. But this year, two days after the Procession came the election. And fundraising cratered. We get it. Many people felt compelled to donate to causes that suddenly became very urgent. We did too. But now, the Procession's need is urgent. We need to wrap up the bills for last year's Procession and start raising funds for this year's.

This year we encourage you to be recurring donor.

Recurring donations of $10 a month from 500 of our most "DEAD"icated Donors would help Many Mouths One Stomach build a steady financial base that will help us do the year-round work that is needed to make the Procession happen. Larger one-time donations will help us close last year's bills so that we can start working on the new year.

The Procession's core intention is to nurture all of the things that are desperately needed in this era--healing, community, inclusivity, connection across racial, socioeconomic, religious, and other differences. A non-commercial, non-commodified space for us to all be human together.

A tiny group of artists works hard, unpaid, all year, every year, to raise the funds to close over a mile of streets to allow over a hundred thousand of us to gather to collectively honor our shared love and grief. It's not easy. But we know it matters. So we do not give up.

We do a lot with a little money through the generosity of our all-volunteer organizing crews and many local businesses who provide their technical expertise to the Finale at cost. But we can't do it without you.

It's UP to You to keep All Souls People-Powered and People-Owned.

What's New in 2017?

* For 2017, we are excited to announce we will be collaborating with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra for the Finale ceremony.

* Our revamped website is alive with beautiful photos and testimonials.

*Our awesome app for Android and IOS makes plugging into the festivities and thanking our sponsors easy and accessible. Just go to your app store and download The All Souls Procession App.

We extend huge thanks to our granting organizations: City of Tucson, Arizona Commission on the Arts, The National Endowment for the Arts, and Arts Foundation of Tucson and Southern Arizona.

But the biggest support for All Souls comes from YOU!!!!

Over 70% of the Procession's funding is from individual and small business donors. Every bit counts! So whether you can afford $10 or $5000, please set up a monthly donation today. You make the Procession happen. You are the Procession.