All Souls in 2020

Tucson's signature event to Honor Death and Celebrate Life

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We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Tucson's signature event to Honor Death and Celebrate Life

A moment set apart from the everyday- deeply connected to community-

We are in the midst of a great change- the undertaking of the great work of care and responsibility for the part of the world that is ours.

MMOS is changing in response to this and in the hopes that The All Souls Procession will continue to honor those who have come before us and those will follow after, for years to come.

The vision of the procession is held in a communal consciousness. We are all responsible for it’s visioning, creating, imagining forward-

In this time of uncertainty, we are forced into a moment for self-reflection and quiet.

I would like to use this time to imagine what the world what might look like by the time All Souls Season arrives-

As always, a reawakening of sorts, the ambivalence of a springtime wrapped in a death’s mask- those powerful symbols of skulls and flowers that reflect back to us the revitalizing force of regeneration and constant recycling structure of the natural world.

We hope you will look forward and give to MMOS now, so that when fall comes, we can walk together and honor the intense and challenging time we must live through.

In good times, we need the healing the Procession brings, but in dark times, we need the container of community even more.

How can you Take Part?

It's UP to You to keep All Souls People-Powered and People-Owned.

Many, many, local businesses, hospices and like-minded non-profits make this tremendous effort manifest.

But the biggest support for All Souls comes from YOU !!!!