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Power the Procession!

People are the power behind the Procession! Help make it happen!

$19,955 raised

$50,000 goal

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Keep the Procession People-Powered and People-Owned!

All Souls Procession is people-funded and volunteer-run. It is of-Tucson and by-Tucson. And it needs your help.

The Procession's core intention is to nurture all of the things that are desperately needed in this era--healing, community, inclusivity, connection across racial, socioeconomic, religious, and other differences. A non-commercial, non-commodified space for us to all be human together.

A tiny group of artists works hard, unpaid, all year, every year, to raise the funds to close over a mile of streets to allow over a hundred thousand of us to gather to collectively honor our shared love and grief. It's not easy. But we know it matters. So we do not give up.

We do a lot with a little money through the generosity of our all-volunteer organizing crews and many local businesses who provide their technical expertise to the Finale at cost. But we can't do it without you.

It's UP to You to keep All Souls People-Powered and People-Owned.

What's Happening in 2018?

  • Free Creative Craftshops that heal our hands and hearts.
  • A thrilling collaboration with Tucson musicians XIXA for the Finale Ceremony, weaving psychedelic cumbia with physical performance by circus mavens Flam Chen and community volunteer performers.
  • The family-friendly Procession of Little Angels on Saturday Nov. 3. Free for thousands of families with Children's altars, arts workshops, performance from Stories That Soar! and a sunset parade.
  • The All Souls Procession itself: a safe container that democratizes our streets for all to travel. Food to eat, places to pee, collective responsibility for cleaning up our mess. We will keep our 2017 route along Grande and the river to our stage adjacent the MSA Annex. Our handy guide will be published in the November Zocalo.
  • MSA ANNEX and Culture Collider are a new home for local vendors and artists from all over the world. Adjacent to the All Souls Finale space will be community altars, installations, food and drink.
  • Night of the Living Fest: a 3-day music festival highlighting the best in Indie music with special guests at Cans Deli (340 N. 4th Ave) and at The ANNEX (267 Avenida Del Convento).

By supporting the work of Many Mouths One Stomach, you join our community of donors and granting organizations. We extend huge thanks to our granting organizations: City of Tucson, Arizona Commission on the Arts, The National Endowment for the Arts, and Visit Tucson.

But the biggest support for All Souls comes from YOU!!!!

Over half of the Procession's funding is from individual and small business donors. Every bit counts! So whether you can afford $10 or $5000, please set up a monthly donation today. You make the Procession happen. You are the Procession.